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Compare consultants and Independent SEO Agencies

What is the difference between consultants and agencies specializing in search engine optimization?

The main difference is clear, as an independent consultant. In general, they work for themselves and often they are their local customers, although the SEO theory can work with clients from anywhere.

SEO agencies offer similar consulting services, but their team is great The size of the SEO agency varies from two to several hundred. SEO agencies often offer other online marketing services, such as web design, pay-per-click or graphical advertising, as well as search engine optimization.


As in other service industries, free personalized search engines are generally cheaper than search engine optimization agencies. Agencies have higher overhead costs, such as offices, sales teams, financial services, and account managers. Most independent businesses operate independently of their head office, which significantly reduces their public spending.

Most agencies have established a proper listing price per hour or per day for their work.


The SEO process used by agencies and independent consultants is generally quite similar. There is a fairly sophisticated best practice process for optimizing a website that generally looks like this:

  1. Search Keyword
  2. Technical improvement
  3. Improvement on the site
  4. Create a link
  5. Reports

The conditions and details of each part of the process vary from one agency to another and from one consultant to another. Most of them follow this formula in general. Some freelance translators can focus on a specific part of SEO, such as: For example, create a link. However, most users are all users who are able to complete all stages of the process.

The biggest difference from an agency is probably the level of participation in account management that can be useful for big brand campaigns.

The quality

The quality of search engine optimization work performed by agencies and freelancers being very different, no real comparison can be made. As a company that plans to work with consultants, it is your responsibility to evaluate the reliability, credibility, and performance of the people you hire for search engine optimization.

Ask other clients ‘references to work with the agency or an independent agency and check your clients’ results in Google’s search results.

The agency often sells by relying on a multidisciplinary team of department specialists, such as link builders and copyright authors. This can be advantageous because freelance service providers can often provide superior quality and results by having a more personal experience of their project.


Owning an agency team can be beneficial, but independent employees are usually former agency employees who have been working in SEO for a long time and who are at the top. When working with an agency, be sure to benefit from the experience of the team members working on your project. SEO Sloppy, which in some cases is done by qualified consultants, can further damage your site’s ratings than it will help.

Industry specialists

Managing a search engine optimization campaign raises several challenges in different sectors, and industry-specific experience often has great benefits. Some independent SEO consultants specialize in a sector such as travel, retail, finance or in a specific geographic area, such as local businesses in London. Most SEO agencies are not specialized in a single sector because they will soon run out of potential customers (the agency should only work with a site in a given location to avoid conflicts between customers). The other in the same place.


Some major SEO agencies have developed custom tools to manage their customer campaigns and generate reports. Technology is an important part of SEO, but most of the best search engine optimization tools are available to everyone (for a price).